WoodEvo Vs Timber

WoodEvo™ Difference

When we say WoodEvo™ redefines the future of outdoor living, we mean it. Backed by the powerful EvoShield™ technology, our boards stand the tests of time and weather to stay unbothered for 25 years and beyond. With its UV protection and scratch resistance technologies, WoodEvo™ rises above the mishaps, scratches and harmful rays to remain as strong, colorful, smooth, and classic as new. Wouldn’t you WoodEvo™ today?



WoodEvo™ is made from recyclable plastics and Hardwood Fibers, making it immune to the harsh climate. It does not rot, crack, split, shrink, or splinter.


It is insect-proof and resistant to termite, mold, fungi and other pests. WoodEvo™ doesn’t require treatment, staining or sealing.


Made up of 95% recyclable materials, WoodEvo™ contributes to a sustainable earth, making it safer for us all.



Timber is susceptible to changes in climate. It twists, fades, splinters, shrinks, cracks and bends in the harsh Australian weather.


Timber is prone to attacks from insects, termite, fungi, mold, and pest. It requires frequent chemical treatment, staining, and sealing.

Environment Footprint

Cutting down trees for timber damages the environment, contributing to deforestation and climate change.

See The Difference

Want to build with timber and other materials? Don’t go for less when you can get more. Low-maintenance and eco-friendly, WoodEvo™ consistently outlasts, outshines, and outperforms all the hopefuls. Experience the WoodEvo™ difference. Experience luxurious outdoor living that’s right for you.

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Evolution of Timber

Don’t get left behind. For many Australians that value a stronger and safer decking, WoodEvo™ is the new and better timber. Changing the face of outdoor living, WoodEvo’s premium quality makes it perfect for the Australian climate. With 2-sided and cascading color, WoodEvo™ reigns supreme as the beautiful, classy decking made for family.

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Classy, durable, luxurious, and outdoor-friendly, WoodEvo™ shakes off timber decking to exist in a world of its own. They say seeing is believing. But with WoodEvo™ , seeing is living.

  • Scratch Resistent
  • EvoShield Technology
  • R11 Slip Rating

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