Why Choose WoodEvo

Why Choose WoodEvo™?

It’s simple. Because you’ll rest easy for years. And that’s not all there is to it. You’ll enjoy stylish and attractive outdoor space perfect for the family, for years. WoodEvo™ is the product of years of research and experience coupled with the passion to create a decking for the family. Nothing can beat that.

We partnered with Permit Plans Studio to make sure our products are building permit friendly.

Our Difference

WoodEvo™ isn’t just another decking. It’s a different decking. Full stop. High-performing, WoodEvo™ is stain and heat resistance and does not get devoured by fungi, termites, insects, and other pests. WoodEvo™ is your dream decking come true. Live it.

Better than the Best

WoodEvo™ leaves timber decking and the industry’s “best” composite decking products in the dust. How do we know? WoodEvo™ addresses all the pain points of outdoor lovers in Australia, giving them the ultimate outdoor experience. WoodEvo™ is the definition of tough. No discolouration, warping, rotting, splintering, or cracking.

Looks Great, Stays Great

With their two-sided and cascading rich colours giving them a feel of natural timber. Each board comes with natural grain patterns and two sided textures, giving you the flexibility to go for the perfect wood texture for your space. Go the WoodEvo™ way, and unlike natural wood, you get to enjoy beautiful and unique decking that lasts long.

Not Just Green, But also Low Maintenance

For us at WoodEvo™, everything comes first, including the environment. 95% made up of recycled materials and free from harmful chemicals, WoodEvo™ is at the top of the sustainability ladder in the industry. In addition, all WoodEvo™ products are maintenance-free. No oiling, painting, or staining. Play, joke, have fun and enjoy more family time instead. We’ve made sure of that.

Backed by Industry-Leading Warranty

When you’re confident about your qualities, you’d remain unshaken no matter what. Tested and trusted, WoodEvo™ is backed by a 25-year warranty – the best in the industry. This comprehensive warranty, covering labour expenses, is a display of unwavering confidence in the quality and performance of WoodEvo™. We’ll stand by WoodEvo™. You just sit and relax.


With its vast changes in temperature, from the blistering heat of the summer to the raging storms in winter, the Australian climate is hard on sub-quality outdoor products. Not WoodEvo™. Protected by innovative technology – EvoShield™, WoodEvo™ confronts the harsh climate head-on to emerge as attractive, scratch-free and solid as new.


EvoShield™ is a 3rd generation premium protective capping that encloses all sides of WoodEvo™. Formulated using advanced engineering polymer, EvoShield™ confers anti-scratch resistance on WoodEvo™, keeping it smooth and unbothered by everyday mishaps from family and pets.

Heat Resistance

With EvoShield™, WoodEvo™ stays unfazed in the face of scorching heat. EvoShield™ uses advanced heat reduction technology and hardwood fibres to bring down the surface temperature by 8-10oC when in direct sunlight, giving WoodEvo™ the coolness of timber – without the warping and swelling.

High-Grade UV Protection

The 360 degrees protection is completed by the blocking of harmful rays that destroy the natural pigment and cause shrinking and warping of wood fibers. Not anymore. EvoShield™ deploys high-grade UV blockers to shield your WoodEvo™ boards from the punishing effects of the sun’s UV light.

The Perfect Family Space

WoodEvo™ Composite Decking and Fencing products were designed with a focus on creating the ultimate outdoor family space. Engineered and designed to withstand the harshest conditions, while enforcing the highest saftey and durability standards, making it a safe-bet for you and your family.


Classy, durable, luxurious, and outdoor-friendly, WoodEvo™ shakes off timber decking to exist in a world of its own.

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Classy, durable, luxurious, and outdoor-friendly, WoodEvo™ shakes off timber decking to exist in a world of its own. They say seeing is believing. But with WoodEvo™ , seeing is living.

  • Scratch Resistent
  • EvoShield Technology
  • R11 Slip Rating

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