Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty is offered for WoodEvo™ ?
When you purchase WoodEvo™, you are backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. WoodEvo™ comes with a warranty period of 25 years, including a labor warranty that covers the costs of repair or replacement for 5 years. Visit the warranty page or contact us for full terms and conditions.
What is the Slip rating of WoodEvo™ ?
WoodEvo™ has undertaken slip rating testing and is found to have an R11 anti-slip rating, which is considered safe for dry and wet environments. Thus, WoodEvo™ can be installed in areas around the swimming pool and other high-slip areas, creating a safer family environment.
Which Costs More: WoodEvo™ or Timber?
The initial cost of purchasing timber is less than that of WoodEvo™. However, timber requires regular staining, oiling, cleaning, and treating with chemicals. When you consider the costs of maintenance compared with the low-maintenance WoodEvo™, you’ll spend a considerable amount of money, more than you would with WoodEvo™ in the long run.
Will WoodEvo Colours Fade Over time?
No. The colours in WoodEvo™ decking are designed to last as long as the products. The use of advanced UV blockers ensures minimal fading that will go unnoticed even to the keenest of eyes.
How does it handle in direct sunlight?
WoodEvo™ uses advanced heat reducing technology, which reduces its surface temperature by up to 10oC. Thus, in direct sunlight, WoodEvo™ has a similar heat handling to timber when exposed to direct sunlight.
How Strong is WoodEvo™ decking compared to Timber Decking?
WoodEvo™ is formulated using the finest technologies available to meet customers’ demands as well as withstand anything the Australian climate throws at it. Its outer capping is made of a similar material as a golf ball shell, which makes it very tough. For further information on design and performance, refer to the technical specifications on the WoodEvo™ website.
What Makes WoodEvo™ Stand Out from Other Composite Products?
WoodEvo™ uses the innovative EvoShieldTM technology, enabling it to withstand vast changes in temperature. EvoShieldTM protects it from the high surface temperature on hot days and scratches. With its high-grade UV blockers, EvoShieldTM helps resist colour fades in the strong Australian sun. WoodEvo™ is also 100% solid boards, which is preferred by many in Australia due to its excellent profile strength/design and surface area/moisture absorption. WoodEvo™ boards are also very easy to install, saving time and reducing costs.
Why build With WoodEvo™ in place of Timber?
Unlike timber, WoodEvo™ is low maintenance and doesn’t require staining, oiling, painting, and treating. WoodEvo™ is also resistant to attacks from insects, fungi, termites and white ants. It also does not rot, warp, buck or splinter.
What is WoodEvo™ Made Out Of?
All WoodEvo™ composite products are crafted from 95% recycled materials consisting of 60% hardwood fibers, 35% high-density Polymer and 5% UV stabilisers and heat Reducers. WoodEvo™ products are designed in Australia; specifically for the Australian climate, lasting far longer without losing its aesthetics.

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Classy, durable, luxurious, and outdoor-friendly, WoodEvo™ shakes off timber decking to exist in a world of its own. They say seeing is believing. But with WoodEvo™ , seeing is living.

  • Scratch Resistent
  • EvoShield Technology
  • R11 Slip Rating

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