5 Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Ekodeck Screening in Melbourne


May 20, 2022

A secure fence, good privacy and an added aesthetic appeal are the three things we all want to have in our outdoor area. Whether it is a garden, a driveway or a swimming pool area, you have to have a level of privacy to feel comfortable. At the same time to better utilize the outdoor space. Ekodeck Screening in Melbourne is the best way to ensure all that we talked about just now.

Here are the top 5 reasons for the growing popularity of Ekodeck Screenings and why you should go for it as well:

Looks Great

Homeowners go for a change in their home set-up for better aesthetic and value. If a product adds value or provides a benefit but makes the home looks horrible, chances are homeowners will refuse to go for it. Ekodecks look great. Installing these will bring about a marked difference in homes. See the outdoor area transform before your eyes with Ekodeck Screening in Melbourne.

Optimum Privacy & Security

Passersby and peepers can be troubling. Even if they mean no harm, it is quite irritating, let us admit that! Having optimum privacy and security is so important at home. With Ekodeck screenings, you will have the right to privacy and security. Are you ready for the change?

Easy to Install

These are almost ready to install. With a bit of professional help, you can have these screenings in a short time. A long and hassle laden installation process can be trouble. With Ekodeck, it is all sorted out.

Suitable for DIY

If you have some handyman skill on you, installing Ekodeck yourself won’t be much of a problem. You can easily install these with no professional help at all. However, we recommend professional help if you have not done anything like this before.

Cost of Ekodeck Screenings

Since we are discussing ekodeck screenings, it is also vital that we discuss ekodeck screening price. So, how much should one pay for this?
Well, this will depend on your requirement for ekodeck screening. While some homes need a small bit of it, some need a considerable supply of ekodeck.
What does your home need?
Get in touch with a professional in WoodEvo, to know all about Ekodeck Screening in Melbourne.

Fence and Screens

Sometimes we are confused between the two. Often the two words are interchangeably used. Knowing how these two products differ from each other will help in understanding what your home needs.

An interesting way of finding out what your home needs are going through the following points:

Privacy Needs

Privacy needs are an important determinant here. What level of privacy are you looking for? If it is high privacy then fencing is the right choice. However, if you do not want full coverage then screenings will do the trick. It offers a decent level of privacy along with a fine aesthetic appeal.


Whenever we go in for some changes, budgets play a vital role. Whether a small renovation or big, it all revolves around the budget. So, what is your budget? The fence has a higher cost compared to screens. So, if you are running on a lower budget Ekodeck Screening in Melbourne should be the perfect pick for you.

Permits and Legality

Building a fence may or may not be permissible on your property because for some or the other reason. If you are in a neighbourhood with a homeowners’ association there could be restrictions on fences. Screens are relatively flexible and usually do not involve the hassle-laden process of getting permission and so on.

Materials Used

Fences are more permanent and sturdy as they are made of harder wood. It is also made from iron and plastics. Screens are relatively lighter. Looking for something lighter and easy to install? Screens it is!

For more, feel free to contact WoodEvo. Whether it is screens or Composite Battens in Melbourne, experts here handle all queries well.

Ekodeck Screens in Backyards

Out of all places, Ekodeck Screening in Melbourne is most suitable for backyards. Here are some tips to go about it:
• The very question you need to ask yourself is how big the garden or the backyard is. The size of the garden will help in deciding the number of screens to be ordered. You may not want to use screens on all sides. Have a look at the backyard and try to analyze what part of it can be most creatively used for screenings. Or, a corner in the backyard that may need some privacy. Based on these readings, you can decide where to place the screenings.
• An important factor could be blocking out sunlight or adding some beauty. These two are often prime reasons for homeowners to install screens. Why do you want to have Ekodeck Screening in Melbourne? Tell us!
• Also, consider the type of plant growing in your garden area. If they are heavily dependent on sunlight and fresh air then you may want to install screens in a way that does not hamper their growth.

Hope this blog has added some value to your existing knowledge of screens and fences. Do not worry if anything is left out because WoodEvo experts are here to deal with the questions you have. Go ahead and shoot us a mail now.

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