WoodEvo Composite Decking Cleaning


Apr 6, 2022

WoodEvo Composite decking is famous for its low maintenance requirements. This is partly due to the tough layer of the capstock which will also ensure the color will remain the same as the years pass by!

This being said, all decks can become dirty because of the dust in the air and debris from shoes. Here are some easy, yet detailed steps to clean WoodEvo composite decking when required!

Things to need:

  1. Soap water or any timber floor wash liquid
  2. Basket with water
  3. Long soft bristle brushes
  4. Short soft bristle brushes
  5. High pressure jet washer (maximum 2200 psi) or Hose pipe can connect to the water tap.
  6. Floor mop


Remove the bulk of the dirt!

  1. Mix a bucket of warm water with washing liquid.
  2. Apply this directly onto the deck with the long soft bristled brush. For best results, brush the surface of the deck following the grain of the board to ensure dirt and debris is removed from the textured surface.
  3. If you encounter stubborn dirt (including more ‘sticky’ soil types) use the short bristled brush, again following the grain of the decking.

Rinse the deck!

  1. Using high pressure wash, rinse your deck. Apply the nozzle of the jet wash no closer than 250mm from the surface of the deck boards; do not set your jet to be more than 2200 psi.
  2.  Keep spraying the water until all soap suds and dirt are removed.
  3. Mop the decking to get rid of the water, speeding up the drying process.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy your clean WoodEvo deck! If you have any questions please contact us on 03 9052 4788 or email us at [email protected]

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